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Kaijie Chen is a surface innovator and visual artist. Her work combines engineering technology, material exploration, and visual design to create experimental designs. The synthesis of engineering and design gives her work its unique aesthetics. She holds a master’s degree in Surface Imaging Design and a bachelor’s degree in Textile Design & Engineering. She is the recipient of numerous international awards, including the GOOD DESIGN® Award, Adobe Design Achievement Awards, and A' Design Award. Her projects have been exhibited nationally and internationally at The School of Visual Arts in NY, the MOOD Museum of Design in Italy, Budapest Projekt Galéria in Hungary, IAA Mobility in Germany, Czong Institute for Contemporary Art in Korea, and Hebei International Industrial Design Week in China. She has also given keynote speeches at SEGD (Society for Experiential Graphic Designs) and in DesignPhiladephia. She currently lives and works in Brooklyn, NY and Boston, MA.

Selected Exhibitions

Born for Change, IAA Mobility — Munich, Germany, 2023

Transcending Boundaries 界限之外 by ARTTOSS x UAAD, Pearlona Common Room, M50 Art Disctrict Shanghai, China, 2023

Experimental Fashion & Fiber Art 2022, Czong Institute for Contemporary Art — Gyeonggi-do, Korea, 2022

URBN AAPI Exhibit, B543 Gallery — Philadelphia, USA, 2022

disCONNEXION, WEI OFFICIAL 2022F/W, Asian Arts Initiative — Philadelphia, USA, 2022

Young Designer Spotlight Speaker, 2021 Digital Textile Printing Conference — Durham, USA, 2021

Salon #1, New Collectors Gallery  New York, USA, 2021

First Featured Artist in Partnership with Vital Climbing Gym  Brooklyn, USA, 2021

SoHo Week-long Pop Up in Partnership with DOORS  New York, USA, 2021

Unusual Beauty & Grow, School of Visual Art  New York, USA, 2019/2020

Surface Imaging Symposium Speaker, DesignPhiladelphia  Philadelphia, USA, 2019

MSSI Alumni Exhibition, DesignPhiladelphia, Center for Architecture and Design  Philadelphia, USA, 2019

Young Designer Summit Speaker, SEGD (Society for Experiential Graphic Designs)  Austin, USA, 2019

Steelcase Showroom at NeoCon, the MART  Chicago, USA, 2018

Utopa International Design Exhibition, ShenNonTaiYangCheng  China, 2018

Hebei International Industrial Design Week, Hebei Design Center  China, 2017/2018

Shenzhen Design Week, Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center  China, 2017/2018

40 x 40 Exhibition Budapest, Budapest Projekt Galéria  Hungary, 2017

Festival of Architecture and Interior Designing Conference, The Lalit Mumbai — India, 2017

A' Design Award Exhibition, the MOOD Museum of Design  Italy, 2017

Specialty Graphic Imaging Association Expo  Las Vegas, USA, 2016

Philadelphia University Surface Imaging Graduation Show  Philadelphia, USA, 2016


Y.O.Design Lab Awards, 1st Place Graphic Design Award for XEV — USA, 2023

Y.O.Design Lab Awards, The Boldest Award — USA, 2023

IPPAWARDS, Honorable Mention, People Photography — USA, 2022

GOOD DESIGN® Award, Building Materials — USA, 2018

Indigo Award, Gold Winner, Integrated Graphic Design  the Netherlands, 2018

Indigo Award, Gold Winner, Digital Design  the Netherlands, 2018

Sunbrella "SHADE-SCAPE" Sunshade Pattern Design Competition  China, 2018

Adobe Design Achievement Awards, Semifinalist, Fine Art - Graphic Design/Print  USA, 2017

A' Design Award, Bronze Winner, Graphics and Visual Communication Design  Italy, 2016 - 2017

The International Design Awards (IDA), Silver Winner, Other Graphic Designs  USA, 2016

The International Design Awards (IDA), Honorable Mention Winner, Other Product Designs  USA, 2016

SGIA Award of Excellence Award, Interior Design  USA, 2016

SGIA Certificate of Merit Award, Heat Transfers (Textile)  USA, 2016

Nexus Maximus 2015 (Johnson &Johnson), Aalto Ventures Program Award  USA, 2015

Coca-Cola Contour Bottle Design Contest, 1st Place Graphic Design Award  China, 2015

Selected Press

引爆艺术、创意与商业的融合: 2023美学盛筵“界限之外”, Harper's BAZAAR 时尚芭莎 — 08.20.2023

Emerging Studio: Kaijie Chen Q&A, the US-based Surface Innovator Talks Tech and Visual Artistry, ICON Magazine's 20th Anniversary Issue — 04.06.2023

25 Stellar Website Examples to Inspire You in 2023, Shaping Design by Editor X — 12.21.2022

專訪對談: 藝術探索家KAIJIE CHEN走上與別不同的創作路, 實踐靈動迷人的設計, SPHERE原點 — 12.14.2022

Featured Artist in Partnership with Wix Editor X — 07.23.2022

Represented Artist by New Collectors Gallery: Kaijie Chen, Artsy — 03.13.2022

Artist Shoutout, Hyper_Connection, 751 Int'l Design Festival, Beijing Design Week — 09.24.2021

Artist Talk with Alice Gong, Kaijie Chen and Paul Mok, New Collectors Gallery — 09.18.2021

New Collectors Presents Salon #1 — 08.27.2021

Featured Artist Showcase: DOORS NYC Inaugural Exhibit — 06.17.2021

Represented Artist by Jedidiah Gallery: Kaijie Chen, Artsy — 02.22.2021

Q&A: Kaijie Chen, Design Mate — 02.15.2021

WixSite, Artist Spotlight on WixPlayground — 08.14.2020

Favorite Designer of the Day - Kaijie Chen, FAVOURITE DESIGN — 03.23.2020

ContinuEd Project Space: Kaijie Chen, School of Visual Arts — 12.02.2019

designboom设计邦专访艺术探索者Kaijie Chen, designboom设计邦 — 06.26.2019 

Speaker Spotlight: Kaijie Chen at 2019 Young Designers Summit, SEGD — 06.08.2019

Nature Force, Architectural Products Section of Spring Market Tabloid, Interior Design Magazine — 05.31.2019

创意 | 这位荣获The Good Design大奖的设计师, 与我们聊了聊“自然力量”, KINFOLK基本生活 — 04.22.2019 

NatureForce自然力量 GOOD DESIGN新材料, designboom设计邦 — 03.21.2019 

Kaijie Chen: "You should never let tools limit you", BERLOGOS — 02.07.2019 

A Modular Interactive Tile with a Light-Sensitive Led Panel, INSPIRATIONIST — 01.25.2019

Power of Nature, BERLOGOS — 01.23.2019

Nature Force - 2018 GOOD DESIGN® Award, Archinet — 01.22.2019

Exploding Brain Featured on Best of Neocon Innovation Award-winning SILQ chair in Chicago, Steelcase — 06.11.2018

Kaijie Chen Stretches the Limits of Printing and Design, the INK TANK — 05.29.2018

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